Stay at Home, Or Go to a Facility -
What Do We Do?

Has the time arrived that you or your family members can no longer provide adequate care for your elderly loved one? So many families are faced with this question every day. For some, a facility is the only option, but Caring People Services can be an alternative for some families, even if only for a short time.

There are no clear guidelines for which decision is the best. Every individual and situation is different and there are many issues to consider. Many families are simply not equipped to care for a loved one that has become bedridden or requires care for bladder or bowel incontinence. Sometimes, even if the caregivers are available, the home environment is not set up to allow for access to the bathroom or for safe mobility with a walker. Often, doorways do not allow for wheelchair access, or steps throughout the home limit where a person with disabilities from stroke or severe arthritis can go safely. Many kitchens are no longer safe for a person with deteriorating eyesight, an altered sense of smell, or short-term memory problems that might cause them to forget how to use appliances or not remember that they have turned on the stove.

Caring People Services can assist families to evaluate the entire situation and determine the feasibility of staying at home with appropriate and creatively used support services. Often, it is surprising how just a little assistance (if given at the right time of day and for the appropriate needs) can make a big difference. Caring People Services has an experienced team that does not hesitate to offer suggestions for use of other community resources in addition to the sitters, homemakers, and personal helpers they have available. Because of their commitment to the needs of the client, Caring People Services will also not hesitate to recommend facility placement if their assessment determines that is in the best interest of the client and/or the family. Families in the Paducah area rely on Caring People Services as a trusted advisor, a provider of dependable and skilled services, and a true advocate for the needs of the elderly and disabled.

For more information about Caring People Services, contact Carolyn Roberts, R.N. or Joni Hogancamp today.

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