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Carolyn Roberts: RN

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I have been a caregiver for most of my life in many different ways. I wanted to be a nurse from a very young age and have found my nursing career to be very rewarding in many different types of care settings. My experiences in hospitals, rehab units, nursing homes, and home health have all prepared me to assist my current clients as they are now needing these same services. Since I have been practicing in West Kentucky for almost 20 years I am very familiar with area services and have strong associations with the local medical and service organization communities. I have also been very involved in many state level activities and all of these experiences allow me to bring a wide variety of resources to my clients.

Though I grew up in East Central Illinois, I am originally from the Cairo, Illinois area, so when we moved to Kentucky in the mid 1980's it was very much like coming home. I am married to my high school sweetheart, Dave Roberts, and we have two grown children and two grandchildren. Both of our families have very few younger generation members and the last few years my husband and I have found ourselves repeatedly in the position of doing "hands on" care for a variety of our elderly family members including parents, aunts, and grandparents. I can truly empathize with our clients when we begin each new case and I think it is often helpful for them to know that they are speaking to someone who has experienced many of the same challenges that they are currently facing.

I was so fortunate to find such a wonderful working partner when I wanted to start this business. Joni had been thinking of starting a business along these same lines and I think our talents and experiences balance each other well. We both bring different strengths to this organization but are solid and unwavering on what we feel is the bottom line that is - the care we provide must be the quality we would expect for our own parents and this must be true for every client. That is why we are comfortable that our clients will believe us when we tell them "We're the someone you were hoping to find."

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Joni Hogancamp

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Married to Ben Hogancamp, born in Murray, KY we have two grown children, three grandchildren and two daughters at home. One is going to UK, and the other just entered high school at Paducah Tilghman. We have three chocolate labs and a very crazy cat. I think she was crazy before the dogs, not that they drove her to it. I have lived in Paducah 14 years, prior to that we were in the Louisville area 11 years. We are members of the Broadway United Methodist Church in Paducah and very active supporting the youth. I am involved in Church committees, on several boards professionally, and especially enjoy working with the elderly.

I worked in the hospital setting for 20+ years. My father was terminally ill and I helped take care of him. More recently, I took care of my mother-in-law while at home, in assisted living and then eventually in a nursing home. One day as I was leaving the nursing home from a visit, I wondered about other families who may need help taking care of their loved ones. I talked at length with my husband about this. He said he had a client that was thinking about the same thing and said he thought it was a great idea. Carolyn and I met in the fall of 2001, and as you would say, the rest is history.

I enjoy coming to the office every day. We have the best office support you could ever ask for and our employees are the greatest. All of our clients are so grateful to find us, and to receive our help. It is very rewarding doing what I do. I wake each morning looking forward to the day; I can't imagine anything else I would rather do. I am so thankful to my husband Ben for giving me the courage to start a business and the fortitude to keep doing it.

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Proud member of the Home Care Association of America and the Paducah Chamber of Commerce