Issues to Consider

When your elderly parents live alone, there are many things that can be done to make their general housekeeping and personal care easier. Many household items in supermarkets and drugstores are specifically geared toward those who are not able to do heavy work and require help at home.

Dusting cloths, on easy to maneuver handles, can even be used by those in wheelchairs. Small sweepers that pick up debris and dust are also easy to use and are inexpensive, also. Disinfecting sprays are a must in the households of the elderly. Keeping germs at bay will make for healthier individuals. Always remind your elderly loved ones to use the spray often around toilets and sinks. Germ killing hand sanitizers should be in every home.

Shower and tub safety are a main concern for the elderly living alone, or with family. Non-skid mats and hand rails should be in every bathroom. A good idea, also, is to set the water heater temperature as low as possible to avoid burns in the tub or shower. A pull chain for emergencies can be installed by a professional.

In the kitchen, a microwave and easy to heat prepared meals can be wonderful timesavers. Nutritious meals are in supermarkets at an extremely reasonable price. Paper plates and cups cut down on the need for dishwashing. Pre-washed salads and vegetable trays make a healthy diet more attainable for the elderly with some limited abilities.

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