Emotional & Socialization Needs

Sometimes families work so hard at making sure all of the physical needs of their elderly parents are being met that they forget about the need for attention and emotional support. We forget that as our parents abilities to take care of their health and environment begin to falter so do their skills and abilities for socialization and interaction. Many elderly are fortunate to still have their spouse for companionship but nevertheless are becoming increasingly isolated from their community because of transportation issues or a lack of physical endurance. Widowed parents are even more at risk for loneliness and depression. The ever increasing fast pace of the world is often bewildering and overpowering for the elderly whose mobility is slower, whose hearing is sometimes diminished, and whose eyesight is altered. Many elderly have outlived most of their friends, are no longer able to participate in the organizations that they supported for years, and even find it difficult to get to church on a regular basis. They turn more and more to family members to meet their emotional needs, yet these same family members may be already overwhelmed as they try to take care of their loved one’s home, yard, bills, doctor appointments, and shopping.

Meeting the emotional and socialization needs of an elderly person and making them feel special and valued can often be accomplished very simply.

  • Visits or phone calls that are unhurried with time to listen as well as talk
  • Lunches or dinners at their favorite restaurants
  • Small treats such as flowers or favorite foods
  • Transportation to visit with friends or family or to go to church
  • Visits to parks or to sit by the water
  • Rides in the country or trips to the store to select their own food or clothing
  • For the visually impaired, having greeting cards, books, or even the newspaper read to them.

All of these things are taken for granted by the young and healthy but may be welcome treats for the elderly or disabled. If you can not do these things yourself (as much as you would love to!) Caring People Services can help. Our wonderful staff of over 60 responsible, dependable, caring people can assist with the social needs of your loved one as well as the needs for physical assistance and homemaking. In so many ways, "we are the someone you were hoping to find."

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